Commercial Electrician

Here at EDEN ELECTRICAL, we offer a full commercial electrician service, from advising electrical systems suitable for your commercial premises to machinery and equipment connections and fault finding. We can also provide an emergency commercial electrician service to our customers within Dorset. To book an appointment or to request a free no obligation quote, call us today on 01202 985 066.


What is a Commercial Electrician?

A commercial electrician is an electrician that is qualified and experienced in the art of performing electrical services within a commercial building. Common commercial electrical services would include LED lighting within offices, machinery and equipment connections and three phase power distribution. To be a commercial electrician, you would need to provide proof that you have the necessary qualifications as the lives of the public are at risk; you cannot get a DIY electrician friend to perform the electrical work for you as it would need to be signed off with the appropriate organisations.


Your First Choice Commercial Electrician in Dorset

If you own a commercial building, you have a duty to the public and your workforce to make the electrical installations within the building safe to use. If you’re a startup business looking to open your own commercial premises, then EDEN ELECTRICAL can help design and install the appropriate electrical systems for your organisation and budget that you have available.

Our commercial electricians are highly qualified to perform all electrical services such as LED lighting, emergency lighting installation, security systems, reactive maintenance, fault finding and regular inspections for your electrical installation condition reports. If you want a commercial electrician that executes the highest quality electrical services whilst maintaining a high standard customer service at an affordable price, then EDEN ELECTRICAL should be your point of call in Dorset.

Emergency Commercial Electrician

Commercial Electrician

When you’re running a business, whether it be an office space or a retail business, it’s imperative that disruption to your staff and customers is kept to a minimum to ensure the continuous smooth running of your business. Our commercial electrical contractors will do their best to keep disturbance to a minimum, however, if it’s a large or noisy electrical project that needs to take place, then you can schedule an appointment in at a time that is convenient to you.  We also offer an emergency electrician service that operates 24 hours a day, to ensure your electrics stay up and running.


Commercial Electricians that you can Trust

One of the aims that we always strive towards is to deliver a fair, honest and high-quality approach to provide practical electrical solutions for commercial, domestic and industrial properties alike. We offer honest advice for work that needs to be carried out on your electrical systems and when we do carry out work, we use branded and reliable materials sourced from local wholesalers. We provide a guarantee that all our electrical work will be carried out in accordance with all the current electrical regulations.


Value for Money at EDEN ELECTRICAL

EDEN ELECTRICAL is all about providing value for money; we want to provide cost-effective electrical solutions for all our customers. A way that we achieve this is by offering customers energy saving electrical solutions in addition to green electrical systems. With lighting systems in commercial buildings, we recommend LED systems as the light bulbs last longer, they create a bright atmosphere and the energy used to power the bulbs is very small, heavily reducing your electricity bills from standard light bulbs.

Within commercial buildings, more electrical systems and machinery are found than in a domestic property; this can contribute to high energy bills which can impact the profits of a business. As your commercial electrician, we can install renewable sustainable systems to eliminate much of your electrical costs. This could include solar panels and electric vehicle charging stations for your commercial premises.


Contacting your Commercial Electrician

Whichever electrical service you require for your commercial building, EDEN ELECTRICAL has got you covered. Call us on 01202 985 066 to book an appointment, receive assistance for an electrical enquiry or to obtain a free quotation for your electrical work.