Industrial Electrician Near Me

If you’re looking for an industrial electrician near you then you’re in the right place. Here at Eden Electrical, we offer a huge range of industrial electrical services including machinery and equipment connecting, three-phase power distribution and industrial lighting. To find out more about our industrial electrical services, visit Eden Electrical today or call us today on 01202 985066.


Industrial Electricians in Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset

Industrial Electrician near meIf you’ve been searching the internet for ‘industrial electrician near me’ and are looking for an approved electrical contractor in the Poole, Bournemouth and Dorset areas, then Eden Electrical is here to help. We can install, repair and maintain any industrial electrical system, for example, three-phase power distribution systems up to 1000V.

Here at Eden electrical, we can also provide advice and support for your industrial electrical systems; maybe you’re looking to reduce running costs or introduce more efficient systems? We can assist in a number of areas that can help to improve your business.


Efficient Industrial Electrical Power with Three Phase Power Distribution

To ensure that your electrical machinery has a constant flow of steady electricity, a three phase power distribution system is the best way; as your ‘industrial electrician near me’ we make it common practice that all industrial premises have three phase power distribution installed. With a single phase power distribution, the voltage will reach the peak and drop before the circuit repeats again which isn’t ideal for heavy machinery connections. With a three phase power distribution, every one-third of a cycle, one of the waves within the circuits reaches peak voltage, therefore, the power supply to your machinery remains constant.


Getting the Right Industrial Electrical Equipment

An industrial environment can be a dangerous place to work in, therefore, it’s essential that the correct equipment and procedures are in place to make the building as safe as possible. Part of this is ensuring that you have the correct electrical devices installed that can meet the demands of the equipment and working environment. Whether you are opening a new industrial premise or would like to upgrade the electrical circuits in place, Eden Electrical can help.

As your local industrial electrician in Dorset, we can visit your site of operation free of charge and assess the electrical demands. Using only the highest quality materials, we can design and install the best electrical system included with protection devices, isolators, start-up and control systems for your industrial premises.


Reducing Running Costs in Industrial Premises

With many electrical machines in an industrial premise, electrical costs can prove to be quite high and some industrial businesses close for one day a week to cut running costs. Here at Eden Electrical, we can offer an alternative as we are specialists in providing green electrical energy. Whether you want an electric vehicle charging station or solar PV panels, we can incorporate a variety of green electrical systems for your industrial premises in addition to maintaining any green electrical system that you may have.


Why Choose Eden Electrical as your Local Industrial Electrician?

Our motto at Eden Electrical is to provide the highest quality electrical installations for the best possible price. By choosing us from your ‘industrial electrician near me’ search, you get access to the best industrial electricians with competitive prices. All our electrical contractors are approved, highly qualified, friendly and experienced in delivering electrical services for industrial, commercial and domestic premises. We listen to your electrical needs and offer honest and constructive advice for the best practical solutions going forward for your electrical needs.

We believe in helping local businesses within Dorset which is why we only use quality branded and reliable materials sourced from local electrical wholesalers.

Eden Electrical engineers strive to achieve complete customer satisfaction which is why we provide an outstanding comprehensive service for all our customers.


Contacting your Industrial Electrician in Dorset

If you want to pick the best ‘industrial electrician near me’ through Poole, Bournemouth and surrounding areas in Dorset, then you should pick none other than Eden Electrical. We strive to offer the best prices for all electrical services as we believe that everyone should be able to afford the best electrical solutions. Call us today on 01202 985066 to receive a free no obligation quote for the industrial electrical services you require.