Commercial and Industrial

We can install or repair any electrical systems, such as office and retail lighting, three phase power distribution and machinery and equipment connections

Commercial and Industrial Electrical Services

If you’re looking for an approved electrical contractor in Dorset that can provide and service your electrical installations within the commercial and industrial sector, then EDEN ELECTRICAL is here to help. We can install or repair any electrical system, such as three phase power distribution systems up to 1000V, machinery and factory equipment connections and new supplies. In the past we have upgraded factory installations alongside existing systems to minimise disruption to day to day production.

If you are looking to reduce running costs we can help by installing a number of products, such as LED lighting, power factor correction units, destratification fans and solar photovoltaics. We will install everything to the highest quality and ensure it conforms to current regulations and standards.


Office and Retail Lighting

Office, retail and commercial work spaces use a lot of lighting and in most cases are wasting money due to their current set up and the types of lighting being used. LED lighting is improving all the time and has become a standard item due to lighting reforms and phasing out of older inefficient lighting sources. It’s also cheaper to run than standard light bulbs and has a good life expectancy that will ensure value for money.

Choosing the right lighting can make all the difference to a building, improving worker and customer well being and making the most of displays.
Here at EDEN ELECTRICAL, we can supply and install LED lighting that is fit for purpose in offices, retail and commercial buildings. We specify and install quality LED lighting to illuminate all types of spaces and combine them with lighting control systems to further reduce energy wastage.

EDEN ELECTRICAL engineers are happy to upgrade or repair any office and retail lighting system that you currently have, in addition to upgrading your system to a more energy efficient LED lighting system.


Three Phase Power Distribution

Three phase distribution serves as the basis of most electrical systems and it enables more efficient and simplified energy generation and transmission. It is commonplace in most commercial and industrial premises and is sometimes installed in larger domestic homes as it offers greater capacity and flexibility.

Three phase installations can be used to supply single phase and three phase loads, most lighting and sockets will utilise single phase connections whereas commercial equipment such as machinery and motors will be connected to three phase supply in a star or delta configuration. EDEN ELECTRICAL has been working with three phase installations up 1000V for many years and is competent with three phase distribution, switching and control systems.


Machinery and Equipment Connections

If you have a new item of machinery that needs an electricity supply or if you are moving an existing machine or piece of equipment it is important to get an electricity supply that is fit for purpose and can cope with the demands of the equipment and the working environment. EDEN ELECTRICAL can design and install the correct electrical system with appropriate protection devices, isolators, start up and control systems. We will use quality materials suitable for a commercial and industrial setting that will ensure the safe and continued operation of your commercial equipment and machinery.