Domestic Services

we are your local electrician for Bournemouth, Sandbanks, Lymington, Dorset and surrounding areas

Domestic Electrical Services in Poole & Bournemouth

From homes with simple electrical installations to smart homes with ever increasing use of technology, every modern domestic home relies heavily on electricity and would not function without it. Here at EDEN ELECTRICAL, we are your local electrician for Bournemouth, Sandbanks, Lymington, Dorset and surrounding areas. We can install and work on any domestic electrical system for all types of homes, no matter how complicated the system may seem. EDEN ELECTRICAL electricians are fully qualified and trained to fix all your electrical installations should the situation ever arise. From a simple upgrade on a fuse board, to a complete electrical installation for a newly built home or an extension, EDEN ELECTRICAL has got you covered.


Consumer Unit Upgrades

Consumer units are an electrical distribution board which is sometimes referred to as a fuse board or fuse box. The consumer unit is the electrical hub of your home; your electrical systems all stem from the consumer unit which is why it’s an important device. With the use of cabling it distributes the electricity around your homes and protects from overload, electric shocks and electrical fires. It is made up of a main switch isolator combined with residual current devices and circuit breakers. All these devices together help protect everyone that lives within the property.

Most people don’t give their consumer unit a second thought, but it is important that your consumer unit, protective devices and associated wiring are in good health and are checked regularly. Old fuse boxes and wiring could put people’s lives and your home at risk, which is why it is important to upgrade any old domestic electrical installations.

Here at EDEN ELECTRICAL, we are happy to check if your fuse board and home wiring is in good condition and if there are any deviations from current wiring regulations and standards. We will carry out an Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) and provide you with a report containing any recommended remedial work required to make your home a safer place. All of our new consumer units contain surge protection devices and we offer ARC Fault protection devices if required.


Part P Installations

Part P installations are electrical installations that are fixed within domestic dwellings such as blocks of flats, shared amenities, gardens and any building that shares its electricity supply with a dwelling. Part P forms part of the building regulations which were made to ensure that all electrical installations reach a certain level of standards to protect the users. Part P installations in dwellings need to be notified to building control and a certificate of conformity issued.

EDEN ELECTRICAL engineers will perform all electrical installations in domestic properties to comply with the part P of the building regulations act and is able to notify building control through a Government approved Part P scheme.