Green Services

we pride ourselves on offering green services that help you use electricity whilst significantly reducing your impact on global warming

Green Electrical Services in Dorset

Here at EDEN ELECTRICAL, we aren’t just your typical electrical contractor in Dorset; we pride ourselves on offering green services that help you use electricity whilst significantly reducing your impact on global warming. Having green methods of using electricity will not only reduce your carbon footprint, but it will save you money on your electricity bills as you are using a renewable, sustainable source of energy. We can provide you with services such as electrical vehicle charging installations, LED lighting installation and upgrades and solar PV repairs, fault finding and maintenance.


Solar PV Repairs, Fault Finding and Maintenance

Solar PV (Solar photovoltaics) is the conversion of energy from sunlight into electricity. This works by installing solar panels that will capture the energy from the sun and by using an inverter to convert the DC current generated into AC current that can be utilised or exported. As you are getting your electricity from an unlimited sustainable resource, you’re reducing your carbon footprint in addition to drastically reducing your energy bills as your electricity is coming from the sunlight instead of fossil fuels. Most of the solar installations in the UK are also generating an income for the system owners so it is important to look after your investment and ensure that its performance is uninterrupted and yields are high.

We have great history with large commercial solar installations right up to solar farm scale. If you ever have an issue with your solar PV infrastructure, PV inverters or solar panels, then EDEN ELECTRICAL is the company to call. We specialise in diagnosing and finding faults along with repairing or replacing faulty components, panels and wiring. EDEN ELECTRICAL can also supply you with an electrician that provides you with an emergency call out service and regular maintenance for your solar PV system.


Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Installations

Electric vehicles are a modern method to help you reduce your carbon footprint and contribution to global warming in addition to the running costs of your car. If you commonly drive an electric vehicle, you’ll need an electric vehicle charging point installed within your own home. Electric cars are becoming more popular, therefore, the need for more charging stations is becoming apparent. EDEN ELECTRICAL can install a charging point for any domestic property. Additionally, we are qualified to install electric vehicle charging stations within the commercial and public sectors.


LED Lighting Installation and Upgrades

LED lighting is the best kind of lighting system that you can have as you can save between 50% and 80% on your bills for your lighting systems. Not only does it save you money, LED lighting reduces your carbon footprint which makes it a green source of energy. The great thing about LED lighting is that they don’t come with the disadvantages that you may think. LED lighting illuminates a room better than other light bulbs and LED’s visually look more appealing too. Here at EDEN ELECTRICAL, we can install an LED lighting system for you or upgrade your existing system to make it even more energy efficient.