Temporary Electrical Installation

There are rules and regulations in place that state an electrician must be trained in the requirements of BS 7909 to perform a temporary electrical installation. A temporary electrical installation may be needed for several different reasons such as construction site power, Christmas lighting displays and one-off events. Here at Eden Electrical, we are your electricians in Dorset that are fully qualified to install temporary electrics that conform to governing standards. Call us on 01202 985 066 and we’ll provide you with a free no-obligation quote.


What is Classed as a Temporary Electrical Installation?

Temporary Electrical Installation
With the BS 7671, the definition of a temporary electrical installation is defined as ‘an assembly of associated electrical equipment having coordinated characteristics to fulfil a specific purpose.’* This is indistinguishable from a permanent electrical installation as they both have the same purpose. However, a temporary electrical installation is an ‘electrical installation erected for a particular purpose and dismantled when no longer required for that purpose.’*


What is the Duration of a Temporary Electrical Installation?

An electrical installation may be built to accommodate an event such as a funfair, tv programme production or a construction site with a designated time for how long it will be needed for. However, due to popular demand or events running longer than anticipated, these electrical installations may be needed longer than originally intended. There is no time limit for the temporary electrical installation to be in effect; therefore, the electrician should consider all factors when creating the installation to ensure that it will remain safe. Upon completion, there will be a date specified on the completion certificate when a further assessment should take place if the electrical installation is still operational to ensure the system remains adequate.


Regulations to Follow with Temporary Electrical Installations

If you’re looking to get a temporary electrical installation, you must always have a fully qualified electrician that is trained in the requirements of BS 7909. Temporary electrical installations are often used by members of the public; therefore, the electrician needs to be competent and officially recognised as trained in creating safe electrical installations.

To be able to undertake a temporary electrical installation, the electrician must have an absolute minimum of £2m public liability insurance for basic installation work and much more for larger contracts.

With temporary electrical installations, your work must adhere to many guidelines. These installations must comply with the Electricity at Work Regulations and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations, in addition to a few others.

Upon completion of the temporary installation, the site may be inspected to ensure that the quality is sufficient. For a fully qualified BS 7909 electrician, this will usually take place at least every 3 years.


Using Eden Electrical Engineers

If you need a temporary electrical installation in Bournemouth, Poole, Dorset or surrounding areas and are looking for a fully qualified electrician, then Eden Electrical can help. We have widely recognised qualifications and full public liability insurance to ensure that we’re up for the job.

On paper, we tick all the boxes that you need for a temporary installation electrical engineer. However, Eden Electrical engineers are more than just fully qualified. We are always striving to deliver the most technologically advanced and efficient electrical methods to reduce your energy bills and your carbon footprint. Our engineers are always going above and beyond to ensure complete customer satisfaction with every job that we do. We do this by tailoring our personal and electrical services to each case that we deal with to ensure that you receive the perfect service for your electrical needs.

If you used another electrical company to complete your temporary electrical installation, then Eden Electrical engineers are also fully qualified to complete a site inspection and ensure that your electrical installation is safe to use.


Receiving your Temporary Electrical Installations with Eden Electrical

Whether you need construction site power or have an event that needs temporary power, Eden Electrical is the best company to call within Dorset. You can call us today on 01202 985 066 and we’ll arrange a site inspection for you. From here, our engineers will provide you with a competitive, free no-obligation quote for the complete project.